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Applicators come in all shapes and sizes. Paints, chemicals, and make up that should not be handled directly with one's hands usually come with reusable applicators. The most common applicators for paint and cosmetic products are brushes and sponges.

Women who handle make up need to know how to care for cosmetic applicators. Cosmetic applicators enhance the effects of make up. Applicators also lessen contact of hands with the face which may cause infections and blemishes. However, improper handling of applicators may lead to even more blemishes. Dirty reused sponges can nest bacteria that irritate the skin and cause break outs.

To lessen the risk of break outs due to dirty applicators, women can use disposable cotton balls instead of sponges. Disposable sponges are also available in pharmacies although they might be pricier than cotton balls. If applicators like brushes need to be used at all, they need to be washed every other day to get rid of bacteria and dead skin cells. Make sure reusable applicators are dried well. Moisture in applicators could cause fungal growth, which is also very harmful to the skin.

Applicators for chemicals and paints are meant to protect the hands. Most household chemicals are too harsh to be touched directly by the skin. They could cause chemical burns. It is very difficult to get rid of paint stains. Harsh chemicals could also be poisonous. For this reason, reusable applicators come in handy. After using your chemical and paint applicators, make sure you clean them well.

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